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CAICO vintage

light blue cloud pattern Men's Kimono robe/silk Nagajuban/1960's Japanese vintage/UNISEX SIZE Mens M/ NJ41

light blue cloud pattern Men's Kimono robe/silk Nagajuban/1960's Japanese vintage/UNISEX SIZE Mens M/ NJ41

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This medium long KIMONO are made as under wear, called "NAGAJUBAN"
It is usually worn under a long kimono as underwear.
Woman can wear this Nagajuban as a room gown.
The length is about under calf for 180cm height, ankle length for 170cm height.
Recommended for both men and women.
It is wearable but it's made of silk and very delicate.
The kimono can be hung on the wall as decoration.

**OBI-JIME belt is not included**.
Please check the "OBIJIME" section

Material: silk
Condition: good

Length (collar to hem) 144cm
Width (shoulder to shoulder)70cm
Sleeve 47cm
Sleeves (shoulder to wrist) 36cm ※They are designed as 3/4 long sleeves.
Yukitake(裄丈): 71cm
*Size : Men's M, Can fit different body shapes.
First 4 pictures, I use women torso (EU 36/S size) ,and other torso is male torso (EU 48/M-L size).
So this kimono is UNISEX, genderless.

※Torso size.
Male "European size 46-48"
(Height) about 175cm / 69inches
(Shoulder)48cm / 19inches
(Bust) 97cm / 38inches
(waist) 83cm / 32.6inches
(Hip) 98cm / 38.5inches

Female "European size 36"
(height) about 170cm / 67inches
(Bust size) 85cm / 33.4inches
(Waist) 65cm / 25.5inches
(Hip) 90cm / 35.4inches

Your purchase will be shipped within 2 business days after payment is received.
※I mainly ship to EU from Germany, and I am also open to ship worldwide. but do not ship to Japan.
※I ship by Deutsche Post or DHL with trucking number. I will let you know the shipping number. I am not responsible for items not received due to wrong address.
Please make sure about your address.
※Occasionally these items may have a slight musty smell due to the way traditional Japanese kimono clothing is stored, but if you air the item (but only in the shade) the smell will soon disappear.
※ the kimonos are vintage items and not "like new". I try to point out stains and imperfections in the item description.
※Please be careful when caring for it. If you wear your kimono and want to wash it, please contact a trusted dry cleaner and use your own judgment. The colors of the older kimonos may bleed when washed. We are not responsible for any damage caused by washing. For kimonos for decoration, please be careful not to expose the kimono to direct sunlight or it will fade and become even more fragile....

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