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CAICO vintage

indigo dyed Kendo Jacket / Miyata 宮田

indigo dyed Kendo Jacket / Miyata 宮田

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Kendogi (Kendo jacket) are martial arts jackets meant for Kendo, a sport practicing swordsmanship with wooden swords. Kendo armor was introduced when the sport was introduced in the late Edo period, far after Samurai were abolished from JapanModern Kendogi are made in the same traditional styles as those adopted generations ago.

Kendogi are made of a thickly-embroidered cotton Sashi-Ori fabric. Each is dyed a deep color that fades with time.

Materal: cotton
Condition: Vintage,used condition
Color: indigo blue
length (collar to hem) 80cm
width (shoulder to shoulder) 59cm
sleeve 35cm

Torso size
"European women's size 36"
(Height) about 170cm / 67inches
(Bust) 85cm / 33.4inches
(Waist) 65cm / 25.5inches
(Hip) 90cm / 35.4inches
*SIZE :EU 34~42 free size ideal for 38 or 42 or Mens S~M size

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