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1950's Banana leaf MEISEN silk Haori

1950's Banana leaf MEISEN silk Haori

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Banana leaf pattern purple x turquoise blue Meisen silk Haori from 1950's/long Kimono jacket Haori/Japanese vintage/ raw silk/ double ikat

This is a very modern and stylish banana leaf patterned Kimono jacket (Haori).
The combination of patterns and colors shows a sense of the spirit of the new age.
This is a good example of modern style of pattern which has come to characterize Meisen kimono and garments.

Haori doesn't require special technique to wear like long KIMONO, It's very easy to wear it. Originally worn over kimono, nowadays worn as jackets over everyday wear.

What is "MEISEN"
It is double ikat woven technique. Mostly made by raw silk. During Taisho period (1910's) till beginning of Showa era (1920~50's) Meisen was very popular. At that time Meisen was inexpensive casual Kimonos, and introduce of chemical pigments allowed to create vibrant color and unique pattern. The pattern were inspired by European trends such as Art deco.
Materal :silk ,raw silk
Condition: good. but there is only one small stein on the left front (Please check the last pic) It's quite invisible.
Color : purple & yellow flower motif
length (collar to hem) 76cm
width (shoulder to shoulder) 61cm
sleeve 49cm
sleeve (shoulder to wrist) 33cm

※They are designed to be 3/4 length sleeves
Torso size "European size 36"
(Height) about 170cm / 67inches
(Bust) 85cm / 33.4inches (Waist) 65cm / 25.5inches (Hip) 90cm / 35.4inches
*SIZE :EU 32~42 free size ideal for 36 or 38 NOTE 
※I ship mainly to EU from Germany, and I'm also open to send worldwide. but not send to Japan.
※I ship by Deutsche Post or DHL with trucking number. I'll tell you trucking number. I am not responsible for items not received due to an incorrect address. Please make sure about your address.
※Sometimes these items may have a slight musty smell due to the way traditional Japanese kimono wear is stored, however if you air the item (but only in the shade) the smell will soon disappear.
※ the kimonos are vintage items and not "as new". I try to point out stains and flaws in the item description.
※please be careful in maintaining it. If your kimono is for wearing and you want to wash it, please consult a trusted dry cleaner and your own good judgement. In the older kimonos, colours are likely to leak when washed. We do not take responsibility for damages occurred when washing.
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